One And Only Girl (Lyric Video)



One And Only Girl- Khalid

Verse 1

How Many Times Must I tell you the way I feel

Before you notice my heart’s there for you to fill

You know my love is yours if youu want it

Don’t leave me empty hearted

Just Take me in and show me your world

Like Juliet you’d die for me

Like Romeo I’d die for you

Let’s fall in love forever and eternity…



Now Baby be my, one of a kind

Trust me we’ll be good together

Through all that we’ll endeavour

Baby I know, I’ll always show

You that you’re my one and only

I’ll make you my One and only girl

Verse 2

Forever and More Is not enough to explain how I love you

No One can make me feel the way you do

All Clichés Aside I’ll make you my whole life

Let me Show you that we were meant to be

I Know what I see in you,

I hope that you can see it too,

So we can be together for eternity…





We can drive into the sunset

Get let lost in the stars

All this would be nothing if you not here in my arms

I Know That You could Stay

My Only Girl Always

Now all that I can Do Is say…



Written by: Khalid

© 2013

















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