Day 2: MTM Ep Journey


photo 4JPG

Today was day two of my journey into the making of my acoustic ep. It was a very successful session as we went into the actual melodies the violin will play. We came up with legato and staccato parts and organized them in the song. The sound of the violin and guitar together was exceptionally beautiful I believe that it will express the emotions I feel well.
When listening to a good song, in my case, I feel the emotions the singer and producer is trying to portray, and I want my listeners to feel that emotion too when listening to my music and lyrics, I want you as the listener to relate to the situation. We recorded the sessions so that we can always listen and think about where we can improve, then we touching it up and will move onto drum parts when we find a venue who can record and has a drum kit.
We are going to try make a rough recording of the basic till we meet up with the man who is going to record and master our tracks. He is a base guitarist, electrical, acoustic guitarist and drummer. We will be putting our final touches o the song at the recording session.

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