Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

After watching the first Maze Runner, I left the cinema acceptably satisfied. The movie was entertaining and the chemistry between the youthful actors were quite satisfactory. As the movie reached its end, it was blatantly obvious that it was setting you up for the sequel. The film left you in quite, (mind my cheesiness), a maze. In fact, I left the film not knowing the reasons behind any of the main themes within the story.

Going into this sequel, I was under the impression that some of my questions would be answered. Why were they placed in the maze? Why could the evil organization, Wicked, not just capture the kids and simulate the dangers of the maze instead of wasting all that money building mazes and mechanical creatures? Where did this organisation get their resources from, if they living in a post apocalyptic world?

None of these questions were answered, but they did reveal the symptoms of the virus and what is needed from the kids in order to cure the zombie like state it puts you in. Now, the flaws in the story are not relevant because, as it is based on the books, it’s hard to change the themes and concepts. The movie’s job should be to portray the concepts and ideas of the book in a way that people who did not read them, can understand what is taking place in the story. This movie does not fully do so, as you are left sitting staring at the screen thinking if you should of read the book first.

There is a lot of excitement, and chemistry between the characters and this does allow you as the viewer to become attached to them. The acting of Dylan O’brien is satisfactory, although I would suggest he tones down his action movements in the film as it is heavily exaggerated and somewhat unnecessary in some scenes. His running scenes especially, makes him look like a 3 year old kid pretending to be a crazy lune chasing his friends in a playground. I mean, apply some of the zombie make up and he could easily be mistaken for one of the blood sucking monsters running around in the walking dead.

The wide shots in this film are exquisite, beautifully shot and smooth. It is so good, that you sit in your seat actually admiring the talent of the directors and camera men for capturing theses scenes. But, as soon as the action takes over that praise is quickly swallowed. Some directors need to learn that shaky cam does not work in action shots where there are more than 3 people on the screen. I know they are trying to give the audience the feeling like they are in the scene with the actors, but this can be achieved much better if the audience can actually see the movement of the actors and what actions they are doing. The scenes where there are two actors on the screen were done relatively well, and you do fear for the characters in some of these interactions. Take some tips from the opening scene of Mad Max Fury Road, that is a chase actions scene done to perfection.

The CGI of the zombie/viral infected creatures were inconsistent, and not as scary as I assume it is meant to be, but it’s forgivable seeing that this movie has a huge tween/teen audience.

One thing I can say, is that you do fear for the death of some characters when they face near death situations, in the first half of the movie. But, it becomes predictable and monotonous when the same characters face near to death experiences and then get saved by the bell consecutively in more than one scene. To be honest, I sat in my seat wishing that a character would die just for the sake of adding some substance to the plot.

A lot of the situations that these actors find themselves in, I have witnessed before in movies such as the Hunger games and Divergent. Even the zombie-like creatures resemble the clickers in the video game, The Last Of Us.

Over all I was mildly entertained by certain sections of this film, but I found myself drifting in and out continuously. It felt a bit long towards the end, and I felt exactly the same feeling in this film as I felt whilst leaving the prequel. None of my questions were answered and the cliff hanger did not make me feel the need to want to watch the next one. My obsessive compulsiveness of completing the series and my fondness for the cute yet sassy Rosa Salazar will probably have me watching the conclusion of this story.

Rating :
Pop-corn movie, entertaining enough to escape for a couple of hours.

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